Flutters about: Special Wonders

Wednesday Wonder: Magical Moss!

Flower Belle adores moss – it’s pretty and often velvety soft to touch - and it makes a very good fairy cushion or bed! Let’s learn more about magical … more

Wednesday Wonder: Pancakes!

Yum yum! It’s Pancake Day next Tuesday and hip hip hooray… Cupcake Belle has been cooking up some delicious ideas for you! Pancake Day doesn’t happen all over the … more

Wednesday Wonder! Valentine Verses

One of Love Belle’s favourite times of the year is Valentine’s Day, because she gets to tell her friends how much she loves them. One of the best ways … more

Wednesday Wonder! Christmas Trees

A beautifully decorated tree is one of the most exciting things about Christmas! Flower Belle has some fun facts about them for you! Evergreen conifer trees such as pines, … more

Wednesday Wonder! Sparkly Snowflakes!

The Magic Belles just love snow – it’s so magical and sparkly! If you look very closely at the snow when it lands on your clothes, you’ll be able … more

Wednesday Wonder! Christmas Traditions

There are so many lovely things to do at Christmas, like hanging stockings or making gingerbread houses, but where do these traditions come from? The Magic Belles tell you … more

Wednesday Wonder! Baby Stars!

Did you know that just like people and animals, stars are born and they grow old? Star Belle tells you all about one of the most amazing special wonders … more

Wednesday Wonder! Marshmallows

At this time of year, Cupcake Belle loves nothing more than toasting marshmallows by the bonfire – but what are marshmallows and how was something so fluffy and yummy invented? … more

Wednesday Wonder! Fairy Rings

Have you ever spotted a perfect ring of mushrooms growing in a forest or park? These are known as fairy rings and according to fairy folklore they’re special, magical … more

Wednesday Wonder! Super Succulents!

Succulent plants are so pretty and they’re very easy to look after – they will help your garden look lovely all year round! Let Flower Belle share all her super … more