Special Wonder: Magic Marigolds

Magic Marigolds

Flower Belle loves to see these bright and sunny flowers in her garden – and they’re so easy to grow from seed. Find out more about them and how to grow them in your own garden. They’ll make your garden party look extra special!

Flower Facts

  • Marigolds are happy to grow in almost any type of soil, but they love a sunny spot best of all. They’ll grow easily in a flower border or in pots.
  • Their orange, gold and yellow flowers look like little balls of sunshine! They bloom from spring through to autumn, so they’ll cheer up your garden all summer long.
  • African marigolds can grow up to 60cm tall, but fancy French marigolds are a lot shorter – they grow to about 20cm tall.
  • Marigolds are a magic plant – many insects and animals don’t like the smell, so it’s a great idea to plant them next to vegetables, like tomatoes. That way, the insects won’t nibble your crop!
  • Some butterflies, however, love marigold nectar, so you’re sure to see them flutter by for a quick sip.
  • Farmers in America add the colourful petals of African marigolds to their chicken feed to make sure their eggs have super yellow yolks!
  • In Nepal, India and Thailand, marigolds are a festival flower – people decorate their homes with brilliant garlands. Why not cut some marigold flowers and make a mini garland for your party?


Sunny Flowers!

Sunny Flowers!

How to Grow Marigolds

Pick a sunny spot in your garden and grow your own gorgeous marigold flowers!

  • Plant the seeds directly in soil about 1cm deep and in rows that are about 30cm apart. Make sure you pull out any weeds first!
  • When the seedlings grow to about 5cm tall, thin them out, so that they don’t grow on top of each other. Tall marigold plants need to be about 25cm apart; shorter ones can be about 15cm apart.
  • Water them regularly to keep them happy and cut off the dead flowers – if you do this, your marigold plants will keep making new flowers for you!

Have fun in your garden, with love from the Magic Belles in Bellevue xxx

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