Special Wonder: Magical Moss

Magical Moss!

Flower Belle adores moss – it’s pretty and often velvety soft to touch - and it makes a very good fairy cushion or bed! Let’s learn more about magical moss.

    • Moss was one of the first plants to grow on planet Earth. Experts think it came from a type of water algae that started to grow on dry land, close to rivers and streams.
    • Moss has no roots or flowers. It can’t grow very tall, so it grows in clumps or cushions.
    • It can be found in damp, shady places, like on rocks, walls and tree trunks. Moss gets its nutrients from rain, dew, fog and the top layer of soil (if it’s growing on soil).
    • Mosses are like sponges – they soak up rain water, which they can survive on for weeks.

Mossy Stream


  • There are over 10,000 types of moss in the world.
  • A patch of moss is like a mini forest, as it provides a home for many insects. Small mammals, like shrews and some birds, also use moss to make their nests.
  • German fairy tales tell of teeny moss folk who live deep in the woods, close to the trees. They dress in moss to make themselves difficult to spot!
  • There’s also a special type of moss known as ‘goblin’s gold’, which glows in the dark and grows near caves!


So you see, moss really is magical! Take a trip to your local park or forest for a moss-spotting session - touch it and see how soft it feels. Maybe you’ll see some Magic Belles, too! With love and magic dust from your friend, Flower Belle xxx

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