Special Wonder: Rainbow Wheels

A Wonderful Rainbow Wheel. Thank you Melinda Swinford
for the lovely photo.

Have you ever spotted a rainbow wheel? Rainbow Belle gets very excited about them – they look like huge colourful wheels turning in the sky!

  • When there is a rainbow in the sky, dark clouds or heavy rain in certain areas under the rainbow can stop the light from reaching your eyes.
  • These dark clouds or raindrops create the illusion of stripes in the sky, giving the effect of big wheel spokes – sort of like a giant wagon wheel!
  • If the clouds are moving across the sky very quickly, it can even look like the rainbow wheel is turning! This is one of Rainbow Belle‘s favourite tricks of nature and a true Special Wonder!

Melinda’s photo (above) is a brilliant example of a rainbow wheel. The dark spokes coming out from the central point are actually rain or the shadows of clouds. See if you can spot a Rainbow Wheel next time you’re outside - and maybe you’ll see Rainbow Belle, too!

Spot the difference!
Can you find three differences between these two rainbow pictures?

Spot the Difference!

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