Special Wonder: Super Succulents

Super Succulent Garden

Succulent plants are so pretty and they’re very easy to look after – they will help your garden look lovely all year round! Let Flower Belle share all her super succulent facts with you…

  • There are many different sizes and types of succulent plants. The name ‘succulent’ means that their stems or leaves are thick enough to store water. This helps them to grow in hot or dry places.
  • Succulents grow in countries that are north of the equator, like Europe, north America and most of Asia. They also grow in Africa.
  • Flower Belle loves a type of succulent called a ‘sedum’ or ‘stonecrop’. They have pretty flowers with five petals.
  • What a fab shape!

  • Sedums are very good at growing in strange places – in the cracks of walls and in sand – as well as in rock gardens, hanging baskets and pots. Some people also use them to cover the roof of their house!
  • Sedums look pretty when planted with other succulents. Look out for a type of succulent called a ‘sempervivum’ or ‘houseleek’ or another succulent called ‘echeveria’. The leaves of these plants grow in fab rosette shapes and they come in lovely green, grey-green and pinkish colours.
  • Colourful succulents

  • Another of Flower Belle‘s favourite plants is the sedum ‘rubrotinctum’ or ‘jelly bean plant’. It has short round leaves that look like jelly beans and they change colour from green to red! You mustn’t eat them them though as they’re poisonous.
  • Succulents are great plants if you want to make a mini garden – they don’t need to be watered often and they need very little care! There are so many different succulents, you can make your garden look unique!

We hope this has given you some ideas for your own succulent garden. Flower Belle is just about to go and check on hers now! Have a flutterly lovely day – and don’t forget to spend some time in the fresh air!

With love and magic dust from the Magic Belles xxx

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