Special Wonder: Marshmallows

Cupcake Belle’s Colourful Marshmallows

At this time of year, Cupcake Belle loves nothing more than toasting marshmallows by the bonfire – but what are marshmallows and how was something so fluffy and yummy invented? It all started with a flower! Here are some fun facts on where this amazing sweet treat came from…

Pretty Marshmallow FlowerThank you .Bambo.
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  • The marshmallow is a plant with a pretty pale pink flower. For many years, people have believed that its roots contain medicine, which can make sore throats and coughs feel better.
  • Ancient Egyptians and Romans ate dishes made from marshmallow plants - the flowers, leaves and roots can all be eaten. Marshmallow plants are still eaten in some parts of the world.
  • The roots are full of a thick gloopy sap. In France, someone discovered that if you whip up this sap with egg whites, you got a sweet treat like the marshmallow. In France, they added rose water to make them taste nice.
  • The idea soon spread and marshmallows made with marshmallow root were very popular, but quite hard to make, until someone worked out that you could make marshmallows without the marshmallow root!
  • The marshmallows you eat today don’t have any marshmallow plants in them – just sugar or syrup, water, gelatine and colouring.
  • Marshmallows are made in factories. They come out as long tubes and get chopped up into smaller chunks.
  • Marshmallows are popular all over the world – they’re eaten as a sweet treat, toasted over campfires, melted on top of hot chocolate drinks or coated in chocolate!

If you love marshmallows as much as Cupcake Belle and her fairy friends do, then you’ll love her Polka Dot Marshmallows, which make perfect party food! And look out for more fun ideas for marshmallows coming soon!

Love, magic dust and marshmallows from the Magic Belles in Bellevue xxx

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