Magic Make: Busy Beehive

Make a Cute Beehive!

Honey bees are just one of the important garden bugs that Butterfly Belle cares for! Why not make your own little honey bee hive to care for, using soft yellow wool and sweet funny-face bees? Here’s how to make it…

Butterfly Belle’s Busy Beehive

What you need

You need:

Plastic carrier bags
Sticky tape
Yellow paper
Yellow wool and pompoms
Glue (UHU is good)
Black embroidery thread
Googly eyes
Tracing paper

  • Scrunch up your plastic bags and place them all inside one bag. Make a rough hive shape and tape it in place.
  • Use tape to cover the hive in yellow paper.
  • Spread some glue over the top of the hive, then stick the end of your yellow wool to the top centre.
  • Carefully wind it around in circles, adding more glue as you go, until the hive is covered with yellow wool. Leave it to dry.
  • Push the needle and black thread through the end of a yellow pompom and wind the thread around the pompom to it.
  • Glue two googly eyes to one end of the pompom to make the face.
  • Fold a piece of tracing paper in half. Cut out a small wing shape along the fold. Open the wings out
  • Dab a little glue on the back of your bee and stick the wings on. Make more bees and glue them all over your hive.

Why not use a larger pompom to make one big bee? She can be the queen bee! Buzzzzzz! Have fun making your beehive - and don’t forget to play with the little bees! With love, honey and hugs from Butterfly Belle xxx

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