Magic Make: Love Belle’s Heart Bag

Love Belle’s Heart Bag

This cute felt bag is so easy to make and it looks just like the heart on Love Belle‘s pink dress!

It’s perfect for storing little Valentine’s treats to give out to your best friends or why not surprise a special Valentine and give it to them as an adorable gift bag filled with their favourite sweeties or our delicious Chocolate Heart Cookies?

Or quick guide shows you how to make it…

Hello Love Belle!

Make Love Belle’s Heart Bag

You need:

Paper templates
Pale pink and bright pink felt
Fabric glue
Pink thread
Velcro® dots

  • Use a paper heart template as a guide to help you cut out two hearts from the bright pink felt. Then use a paper rectangular template to help you cut out two side pieces.
  • Cut out one slightly smaller heart from the pale pink felt and a tiny heart from the bright pink.
  • Use fabric flue to stick the smaller hearts to one of the big hearts. It should look just like Love Belle’s heart on her dress.
  • Use your needle and thread to sew one of the rectangular strips to one side of this layered heart. Repeat on the other side with the remaining rectangular strip.
  • Now sew the other big pink heart to the outer edges of the two strips to make a heart bag.
  • Use fabric glue or stick two ends of a piece of ribbon inside the bag (one end on each side). Then glue a Velcro dot inside the top of your bag for the fastening. Now it’s ready to be filled with sweets and treats!

Love Belle loves this Heart Bag so much, she’s going to flutter around it with it all day! We hope you do, too!

Have fun making this beautiful bag - and let us know what you use it for! With lots of hugs and love from your magical, musical friends, the Magic Belles in Bellevue xxx

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