Magic Make: Mossy Terrarium

Make a Mossy Terrarium

Make Flower Belle’s magical mossy mini world in a glass jar! Here’s how to do it.

Make a Mossy Terrarium

You need:

Red craft foam
Black felt-tip
Clean, empty jar
Small pebbles or stones
Few pieces of moss
Small pieces of bark
Leaves, twigs, acorns or succulents (optional)

What you need

  • Cut out a small oval from the red foam. Use a black felt-tip to colour in the heads.
  • Draw a line down the centre of the back to make two wings and add some spots. Make a few more ladybirds.
  • Cover the bottom of the jar with a layer of pebbles and stones, then cover the pebbles with a layer of soil. Dampen the soil with water.
  • Carefully place some pieces of moss inside the jar. Add a few more things like small pieces of bark or small leaves.
  • Now place your foam ladybirds in their new terrarium home!

You can discover where to find moss with Flower Belle, and you can carefully lift away small clumps with a spoon. Keep the moss moist by spritzing inside the jar with water every few days – this will help it to stay fresh and green.

Have fun making your own mini world – why not add a doll’s house chair, a glittery acorn or a pine cone to make your mini Mossy Terrarium look extra magical? With love and magic dust from the Magic Belles in Bellevue xxx

Inside Flower Belle’s Terrarium

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