Magic Make: No-Sew Pumpkins

Make a No-Sew Pumpkin Patch!

The Magic Belles are so excited about their big Bellevue Halloween party this week! They’ve got their costumes all ready and now they’re busy making decorations. They’ve already made some Easy Paper Pumpkins, and today they’re making colourful felt pumpkins to put on the party table. Aren’t they fab? Here’s how to make them…

What you need

No-Sew Pumpkin Patch

You need:

Empty toilet rolls
Colourful felt or fabric squares or napkins (roughly 35x35cm)
Plastic carrier bags
Sticky tape (optional)
Brown paper bags or kraft paper
Green felt or craft foam

  • Cut an empty toilet roll across its middle to make it shorter.
  • Spread a felt or fabric square or napkin out on your work surface and place the short toilet roll in the middle.
  • Wrap one or two plastic bags around the empty toilet roll. Stick them in place with sticky tape if you like.
  • Take a corner of the felt or fabric and tuck it into the hole at the top of the roll. Work your way around the felt, tucking the corners and edges into the loo roll. It will start to look like a pumpkin!
  • Take a rectangle of brown paper and twist it into a stalk shape. Stick it into the top of your pumpkin inside the toilet roll.
  • Cute Little No-Sew Pumpkin

  • Sprinkle some glitter over the top to make it look sparkly!
  • Make more pumpkins in different sizes by using tall and short toilet rolls and different-coloured fabric.
  • Cut leaf shapes out of the green felt or craft foam and scatter them around the pumpkins to finish!

We love these colourful pumpkins and they take just a few minutes to make! Why not make them even more exciting? Stick bags of gummy sweets around the toilet rolls instead of plastic bags, then wrap them in fabric. Kids can pull out the stalk and unwrap the fabric to find a Halloween treat inside!

Have fun this Halloween, with love from the Magic Belles xxx

Fun Fairy Tip!
Use cotton reels in the centre instead to make teeny tiny pumpkins for your Magic Belles Fairy House or a doll’s house!

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