Flutters from: June 2011

Wednesday Wonder: The Milky Way

Have you ever heard of the Milky Way? It’s not just a chocolate bar, it’s actually a huge galaxy of stars and planets – and we live in it! Star … more

Flutterbud Friends: Amelia and Olivia

Say hello to two new, oh-so-pretty Flutterbud friends - sisters Amelia, aged 6, and Olivia, aged 3. Amelia loves Rainbow Belle best of all, and Olivia loves Cupcake Belle … more

Wednesday Wonder: Double Rainbows

Have you ever seen a double rainbow – two rainbows at the same time? You’re very lucky if you have, because they’re quite rare! Rainbow Belle knows all about them… … more

Your Art: Betty’s Belles

One little Belle is so happy today that she just can’t stop jingling! Can you guess who it is? It’s Rainbow Belle and it’s all because of this beautiful … more

Wednesday Wonder: Yummy Cupcakes

Do you think cupcakes and yummy treats are a special wonder? We do in Bellevue! Cupcake Belle looks after all the scrummy cakes and bakes you can think of … more

Flutterbud Friend: Ruby Belle

It’s always so exciting to get new pictures and photos for our Flutterbud Club! It makes us all feel so jingly and happy. Here’s four-year-old Ruby pedalling along on … more

Your Art: Layla’s Love Belle

When we got this beautiful drawing of Love Belle, the whole of Bellevue was jingling with excitement. It was sent in by our flutterly lovely Magic Belles fan, Layla. … more

Wednesday Wonder: Peacock Butterfly

Butterfly Belle found this amazing butterfly in her garden today. Isn’t it wonderful? It’s called a Peacock Butterfly and you can find out why here… Fun Facts This beautiful … more

Flutterbud Friend: Edie Belle

Tee hee hee! We love this cheeky smile from our newest little Flutterbud Friend and member of our club, Edie! Edie’s favourite Magic Belle is Flower Belle. We think … more

Your Art: Rosie’s Rainbow Belle

Look at this lovely picture! Rosie, who’s 6 and from Salford, loves Rainbow Belle and her favourite lesson at school is painting and drawing. Rosie coloured in Rainbow Belle … more