Flutters from: December 2011

Magical Mistletoe!

We love this week’s Wednesday Wonder from Love Belle, because it’s all about Christmas kisses! Do you have some mistletoe in your house this Christmas? It has smooth green … more

Maddy’s Magical Musical Art!

We would like to say a big, jingly thank you to Maddy who has sent in her wonderful Magic Belles colouring-in for us to see! Guess what Maddy’s favourite … more

Magic Belles Jingle Belles

We love Christmas here in Bellevue! We love it so much, we have our own special song that we like to jingle in harmony together around our little Christmas … more

Christmas Star!

It’s a Christmas tradition in Bellevue and in lots of places all over the world to put a pretty, sparkly Christmas star at the top of the Christmas tree. … more

Cute Colouring!

Awww… how flutterly lovely is this Christmas colouring-in from our special little friend, Indy? We absolutely love the bright and shiny stars and the multi-coloured Christmas tree! Did you … more

Magic Belles Christmas Colouring

Not long until Christmas day now - how exciting! This is one of our favourite and jingliest times of the year! Here’s a little gift for you to get … more

Ruby’s Love Belle

We were absolutely delighted this week to receive this beautiful picture of Love Belle from our special little friend, Ruby. It’s super-pink, super-cute and we’re most in love with … more

Wednesday Wonder! Moonbows!

Thank you Daveblog for the lovely photo.This week’s special wonder belongs to Rainbow Belle and it’s very special indeed – it’s a moonbow! Do you know what that is? … more

Magic Make: Printable Xmas Card!

It feels like Christmas is just around the corner and we’re all jingling with excitement about it! To celebrate and to thank you for being our fabulous Flutterbud Friend … more