Flutters from: May 2012

Rainbow in a Jar!

Rainbow Belle’s enchanted paintbrush is pretty special. Did you know that she can dip it in her magic dust handbag and wish for any colour she wants? That’s how … more

Pretty Printables!

Hello friends! We just wanted to do a quick post to let you know that we have a new section on the Magic Belles site for all our pretty … more

Flutterbud Friends!

Happy day! We’re thinking about friends in Bellevue today! Love Belle loves her friends so much and she likes to cheer them up by playing happy tunes on her … more

The Butterflies Flying

Butterfly Belle just couldn’t help fluttering a pretty dance when this wonderful picture arrived in Bellevue this week! Our newest flutterbud friend Heidi, who is 5 and lives in … more

Rainbow Cupcakes!

There may not be much sunshine in Bellevue at the moment, but we’re never lacking in rainbows! In fact, to cheer everyone up, Rainbow Belle has been painting beautiful … more

Competition Time!

To celebrate the opening of our lovely new Magic Belles Etsy shop, we’re running a competition for you to win a mini wall makeover for your little one’s bedroom. … more

Busy Bumblebees!

This week’s Wednesday Wonder is big, fat, buzzy bumblebees – good friends of Bellevue’s best little dancer, Butterfly Belle! She looks after all the cute little bugs in Bellevue, including … more

New Magic Belles Shop!

Yippee! We’re so excited to let you know that we’ve opened a Magic Belles shop over on Etsy! We’ve got adorable activity aprons for little gardeners, bakers and artists, … more

Magic Make! Love Belle’s Guitar!

If you ever feel in need of a cuddle and hear a little guitar twanging or a gentle jingle nearby, then it’s probably Love Belle fluttering by and working … more