Flutters from: June 2012

Evie Belle

Next time Cupcake Belle needs some help cleaning up her messy bowls in the kitchen of Cupcake Chalet, she knows exactly where to come… Evie Belle!! As you can … more

Yummy Muffins!

Bellevue always smells good when Cupcake Belle is in charge of our Wednesday Wonder, because it means lots of yummy baking! Mmmm… all those sweet scents coming from Cupcake … more

Rainbows Colouring Fun!

We’re so happy in Bellevue to get these flutterly lovely photos from the 1st Sunbury and Shepperton Rainbows pack. They were learning all about Butterfly Belle‘s Special Wonder – … more

Magic Make! Bug Hotels!

Butterfly Belle looks after the bugs and butterflies in your garden. It’s a very busy job and she wondered whether you’d like to help her? Some bugs need safe … more

Happy Birthday Roxy Belle!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Happy birthday little Roxy Belle… Happy birthday to you! We’re sending extra-special magic dust all the way to Lanzarote today to … more

Starry Natalia Belle

It’s a busy week for new Flutterbud Friends in Bellevue but we say the more, the merrier! We love to make new friends! This is fluttery lovely Natalia and … more

Super Star Trails!

This week, it’s Star Belle‘s turn to show you one of her favourite special wonders and she has picked sparkly star trails. Star trails look like pretty paths through … more

Flutterbud Sisters!

Just when we thought we couldn’t jingle with excitement any more, these three beautiful pictures land in the Bellevue postbox! Hooray! These three flutterly lovely cuties are sisters – … more

Elly Belle

Yippee! Say hello to our latest, fluttery lovely friend to join our Flutterbud Club – it’s Elly! Elly’s wearing Love Belle‘s pink heart flutterbuds because Love Belle is her … more

Wild Flowers!

This week’s special wonder is all about one of Flower Belle’s very favourite things – wild flowers. At this time of year, wild flowers are blooming here, there and … more