Flutters from: August 2012

Rose Petal Perfume!

As the end of summer draws near, the flowers in the garden are starting to fade and Flower Belle is working hard with her Special Watering Can and magic … more

Pebble Pals in Pink Magazine!

How exciting! Butterfly Belle‘s cute Pebble Pals make is in this month’s Pink magazine (issue 156)! To celebrate, Pink are also running a competition to win one of our … more

Friendship Bracelets

Do you know who has the loveliest job in the whole wide world? It’s Love Belle – every day, she flutters around with her pink heart guitar, playing pretty … more

Indy’s Lovely Dresses

Look at the lovely colouring-in our special friend Indy has done using Rainbow Belle’s printable dresses from this week’s Wednesday Wonder! They look so pretty that all the Magic … more

Easy Peazy Story Time!

We’re more excited than ever to be in this month’s issue of Easy Peazy, as it’s Flower Belle‘s turn to tell you a lovely story called Flower Belle and … more

Fashion Fun

As you all know, Rainbow Belle is Bellevue’s artiest little Belle. Not only does she paint rainbows in the sky with her Enchanted Paintbrush, she has her own little … more

Monarch Butterflies

Hello friends! We hope you’re having a flutterly lovely week! We’re having a fab time in Bellevue, dancing around in Butterfly Belle‘s garden with her friends, the monarch butterflies. … more

Cupcake Flowers!

Hooray! Cupcake Belle has been having great fun in her kitchen this week, cooking up these pretty flowery cupcakes for her good friend Flower Belle and making the world … more