Flutters from: November 2013

Magic Make: Star Belle Wish Hanger

Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight… Do you ever make wishes when … more

Wednesday Wonder! Baby Stars!

Did you know that just like people and animals, stars are born and they grow old? Star Belle tells you all about one of the most amazing special wonders … more

Pretty Belles All In A Row!

Our fairy postbox has been busy this week, filled to the brim with your wonderful Magic Belles art! Gemma and Holly made us jingle with happiness when we saw … more

Magda’s Fairy Village

Every now and then, we get a picture through the fairy postbox that makes us jingle so loudly with joy that the whole of Bellevue is filled with magical … more

Magic Make: Marshmallow Pops

Do you love marshmallows? What about putting them on cake pop sticks and turning them into chocolate-dipped feasts? This is one of Cupcake Belle‘s favourite treats to make for … more

Wednesday Wonder! Marshmallows

At this time of year, Cupcake Belle loves nothing more than toasting marshmallows by the bonfire – but what are marshmallows and how was something so fluffy and yummy invented? … more

Competition: Magic Belles Wall Stickers!

We’re offering one lucky winner a chance to brighten up their little one’s room with a set of six exclusive Magic Belles wall stickers – one for each character! Our … more

Magic Make! Acorn Fairy Tea Set!

Make this tiny tea set and invite the Magic Belles round for a cute fairy tea party! Here’s how to make it… Make a Magic Belles Acorn Fairy Tea … more

Wednesday Wonder! Fairy Rings

Have you ever spotted a perfect ring of mushrooms growing in a forest or park? These are known as fairy rings and according to fairy folklore they’re special, magical … more

Superstar Natalie!

Today, we’d like to welcome a special little friend to our Flutterbud Club - Natalie who’s 3 and a half. Natalie made all the fairies in Bellevue jingle with … more