Lollipop Flowers

Lovely Lollipop Flowers

Who doesn’t love lollipops? They make a lovely reward for being good and they’re the perfect party bag treat. One things for sure – if you mention you’ve got lollipops, little ones will definitely whoop with delight! Cupcake Belle and Flower Belle got together and came up with a way to make lollipops look even more lovely and exciting – especially at parties. They made these colourful Lollipop Flowers! They’re really easy to make and look fab on a party table. Here’s how to make them…

Make Lollipop Flowers

Yum yum!

You need:

Colourful cupcake wrappers
Glue stick
Petits fours wrappers (optional)

  • Pile up two or three colourful cupcake wrappers and use a dab of glue in the centre of each one to stick them together.
  • You can also stick one or two smaller petits fours wrappers in the centre of the top cupcake wrapper if you have some. Yellow ones look great.
  • Let the glue dry, then use your scissors to make a small hole in the centre of your wrappers – just big enough to push a lollipop stick through.
  • Push the lolly stick through the hole so that the lollipop sits in the centre of the cupcake flower.
  • Cut some leaf shapes out of your cupcake wrappers and glue them to the underside of your flower, if you like.
  • Pop your Lollipop Flowers in colourful glasses or vases to decorate your tea party or to make your treat look extra special!

Are you having a party soon? Don’t forget to make some Lollipop Flowers - your friends will love them! We hope you have lots of fun making (and eating) them! With love and lots of sweetness from Cupcake Belle, Flower Belle and all your magical, musical friends in Bellevue xxx

PS Don’t miss our free Printable Party Kit if you are having a party - it’s got everything you need for fabulous fairy fun!

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