Wednesday Wonder: The Brightest Star

Sirius - the brightest star!

Thank you EricMagnuson for the lovely photo.

Did you know that there’s one star in the night sky that’s bigger and brighter than all the others? Can you spot it in the picture here? It’s called Sirius and you can see it sparkling early in the evening, just after the sun sets. Star Belle uses a lot of her magic dust to light this star!

Sirius means ‘glowing’ and, though it looks like one star, there are actually two stars there – Big Sirius A and its little friend Sirius B!

Sirius has a great nickname - the Dog Star – because it’s part of a bigger constellation (remember? We heard about those before!) called Canis Major or the Great Dog. In different parts of the world, Sirius is called the Wolf Star, Dog-Face and Moon Dog!

Would you like to make a magic star painting? It’s so easy - here’s how!

Starry Dusk

Make a Magic Star Painting

You need:

A4 white paper or card
White or yellow wax crayons (white works best)
Black or blue paint, watered down
Fat paintbrush

  • First, use your wax crayon to draw lots of lovely big stars on the white paper and colour them in. They’re almost invisible, aren’t they?
  • Now dip your paintbrush into the watery paint and paint over the paper. Can you see what happens? The stars start to twinkle, like magic!

Smiley Starry Night!

You just lit up the stars, just like Star Belle! Why not do another magic star picture and give your stars smiley, happy faces, like this one we did?

We hope you have lots of fun doing this! Love and magic dust from the Magic Belles! xxx

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