Funky Caterpillars!

Patterned and stripey!

Thank you squeakychu for the lovely photo.This week’s special wonder is the cute caterpillar – one of Butterfly Belle’s most important friends because, without caterpillars, there would be no butterflies!

Caterpillars spend their lives nibbling on green leaves - just like little eating machines! Once they’re big and fat, they’re ready to change into butterflies. Find out how they do that at the Natural History Museum website.

Funky and furry!

Caterpillars come in many colours and sizes - from small and hairy to fat and funky! Those hairs and patterns are very useful - they help keep scare off animals who want to eat them.

Butterfly Belle loves the colours and patterns of her caterpillar friends and has a great idea for making a colourful Sock Puppet Caterpillar pal! Here’s how…

Stan the Caterpillar

Make A Sock Puppet Caterpillar

You need:

A sock
Colourful felt
Fabric glue
Pipe cleaners
Googly eyes

  • Cut four colourful felt circles and glue them along the sock – the circle nearest the toes will be the caterpillar’s head.
  • Cut two short pipe cleaner antennae and glue one on either side of the caterpillar’s head, then curl the ends round.
  • Cut six short pipe cleaner legs and glue one on each side of the remaining felt circles. Bend each leg in the middle to make knees.
  • Glue on the googly eyes and say hello to Stan the Caterpillar Sock Puppet!

Now all you need is a little hand inside the sock to bring Stan to life! Better watch out… he loves to eat anything green!

Hope you have great fun doing this! Love from Butterfly Belle and all her jingly friends in Bellevue. xxx

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