Wednesday Wonder

Wednesday Wonder: Doodle Bugs!

Marsh Fritillary Butterfly

Thank you Deanster1983 for the lovely photo.This week in Butterfly Belle‘s garden we were inspired by a pretty patterned butterfly called a ‘fritillary’. Aren’t its wings lovely?

There are lots of different types of fritillary butterfly and each one is different. Some have white spots under their wings, some have wings with pearly white borders. They live all over Europe in woodland, on grassland and in flowery fields, but they’e quite rare, so you’re very lucky if you see one! Butterfly Belle loves them because they’re orange, just like her favourite dresses!

Their lovely patterned wings gave us an idea for a patterned collage, made by doodling. Want to make your own Doodle Butterflies and Bugs? Here’s how…

Doodle Butterfly

Make Doodle Bugs and Butterflies

You need:

A4 paper sheets
Coloured pens or crayons
A4 coloured paper

  • First for the really fun bit! Grab your pens or crayons and doodle, doodle, doodle away! Get creative - make patterns of spot, stripes, zig-zags and swirls. The more colour, the better! Do a few different doodly patterns on each sheet.
  • Now take your patterned paper and cut out lots of shapes – half-circles, teardrops, triangles and hearts make great wings! Cut out lots of sausage shapes and circles for bodies and heads, too.
  • Now all you have to do is to put your shapes together to make cute butterflies and bugs. Putting different patterns together will make them look even better!
  • To finish, stick them on some coloured paper to make your Doodle Bugs stand out and draw on some eyes, smiles and curly antennae!

Why don’t you do your patterns and doodles all in orange and brown to look like a fritillary butterfly? Have fun with this week’s Wednesday Wonder and don’t forget to email your pics in! Love and magic dust from the Magic Belles in Bellevue xxx

Pretty Patterned Bugs

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