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Ellie’s Magical Butterfly!

Ellie’s Magical Butterfly

Butterfly Belle was over the moon to get this amazing picture of a butterfly sent in by 5-year-old Ellie. Can you believe that this friendly butterfly landed on her mummy’s arm and stayed there for about five minutes? Isn’t it lovely?

It’s called a Comma Butterfly and you can recognise it because of its very pretty ragged wing shape. You can see them in gardens and woodlands, looking for nectar or rotting fruit to eat.

Thank you so much for sending this lovely photo, Ellie – Butterfly Belle always loves to see her fluttery friends! If you have any photos of Special Wonders, like this butterfly, we’d love to see them! Email us your pics and we’ll post them in our Flutterbud Club!

Love and magic dust from the Magic Belles in Bellevue

What Pretty Wings!

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