Rainbow Birds!

Rainbow Macaw

Wow! Look at this amazing bird! When Rainbow Belle first saw it, she thought it must have flown right through the middle of one of her rainbows before the paint had dried!

It’s a Scarlet Macaw, though lots of people call it a Rainbow Macaw or even a ‘winged rainbow’! Its feathers are red, light blue, dark blue, yellow and sometimes orange, green or gold, too.

Scarlet Macaws are a type of parrot. They live in tropical jungles in Central and South America. They have strong, curvy beaks, so they can crack open nuts and seeds, and they also like to eat fruit. They also have loud squawks so that their friends can hear them right across the forest.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see one flying through the sky?

Here’s an idea from Rainbow Belle - why not make your own ‘winged rainbow’?

Make a Winged Rainbow!

You need:

A4 Paper
PVA glue
Colourful tissue paper or feathers

  • Spread out your hands on a sheet of white paper so that your thumbs are touching. Ask a grown-up to draw around them and cut them out.
  • Paint inside the outlines with PVA glue.
  • Stick lots of red feather shapes in the middle to make the head and body of the macaw.
  • Stick on lots of lovely rainbow tissue paper, cut in the shape of feathers (or use feathers!) to make the wings.
  • Cut a yellow triangle and stick it to the macaw’s head to make a beak.
  • Now you have your own winged rainbow! Can you help it fly?

Rainbow Bird!

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