Wednesday Wonder: Sensory Gardens!

In Bellevue, we think gardens are magical places - not just for grown-ups, but for children, too! Flower Belle’s favourite kind of garden doesn’t just have beautiful flowers that look and smell nice, it has plants for all five senses…

  • Plants that rustle in the breeze and sound good!
  • Herbs that taste yummy to eat!
  • Leaves that feel furry or waxy or even spiny to touch!

This kind of garden is called a ‘sensory garden’, and you can get some ideas for planting your own here!

Beautiful garden

One of Flower Belle’s favourite gardens for kids was designed for the children’s charity, Kid’s Company. The idea for it came from the end of a funny poem called Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll. It’s so fab, the garden even won a special medal!

What would you put in your own magical, sensory garden? Do you think it would win a medal? Flower Belle would definitely love it!

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