Wednesday Wonder: Spiral Stars

The Wonderful Whirlpool Galaxy

This week’s Wednesday Wonder is super-twinkly and very pretty – it’s something called a ‘spiral galaxy’ and Star Belle loves looking at these from her star-gazing room in Twinkle Towers.

A spiral galaxy is a bit like a Frisbee in the sky, which circles round and round and is filled with stars! There are bright new stars on the outside and old stars in the middle.

There are some lovely names for spiral galaxies - the Whirlpool Galaxy, the Pinwheel Galaxy and Flower Belle‘s favourite… the Sunflower Galaxy!

The Whirlpool Galaxy is the easiest to see in the sky and you can even spot it through binoculars, with the help of a grown-up. Or you can make your very own spiral galaxy to hang in your room! Here’s how to do it…

A Starry Spiral

Make a Starry Spiral Galaxy

You need:

A square of black or dark blue card or paper
Gold or silver paper
Star sequins

  • Trim your paper into a large circle and cut a spiral into it.
  • Cut out five or six medium and large stars from your gold or silver paper.
  • Glue the back of the large stars and stick them along the spiral – make sure one is at the centre of the spiral.
  • Glue the backs of your star sequins and stick lots of them along the spiral.
  • Now hang your spiral galaxy from the ceiling or stick it to some black card to make a shiny, spiral picture!

Star Belle hopes you have a twinkly time making it! She thinks, the more stars, the better! Love and magic dust to you all from the Magic Belles in Bellevue xxx

A Super Spiral Galaxy

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