Wednesday Wonder: Super Sunflowers!

A Cheerful Sunflower

This week’s special wonder is one of the most cheerful flowers you’ll ever see – the super sunflower. One of Flower Belle’s very favourites! We love sunflowers here in Bellevue, because even on a rainy day, they bring some jolly sunshine to the garden.

Though sunflowers look like one giant flower, they’re made up of thousands of tiny flowers. The big yellow petals protect the little flowers in the middle when the plant is growing. Look closely and you’ll see that the tiny flowers make a groovy spiral pattern.

What do sunflowers smell like?

Sunflowers aren’t just beautiful, they’re useful, too! Their seeds can be cooked and eaten as a snack or you can squish them to make cooking oil.

In summer, sunflowers grow fast and they can grow very tall. The world record for the tallest sunflower is over 8 metres – as tall as a small tree! Why not see if you can grow a record-breaking sunflower?

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