Teddy Bears!

Sometimes, when you need a cuddle, only a teddy bear will do. Soft and cute, warm and furry, Love Belle thinks that every little girl and boy in the world should have a special teddy to snuggle.

Cuddly Teddies

She always tries to make sure that teddy will be there for you when you need it most – at night, when you’re away from home, and when you need a friend to play with.

The very first teddy bears were made in 1903 - over 100 years ago! Today, there are teddy bear museums where you can meet old bears; teddy bear hospitals, where you can have sick bears mended; and shops where you can make your own special teddy bear!

Best of all, there are teddy bear’s picnics, where you can say thank you to your teddy for being so lovely and cuddly! Why don’t you have one this weekend?

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