Flutters from: September 2011

Northern Lights!

On a clear night, when you look at the sky, you’ll see that Star Belle has put on a wonderful show for you, with millions of little stars twinkling … more

Silva Belle

There’s another lovely smile in our Flutterbud Club - aren’t we lucky in Bellevue just lately? This one belongs to beautiful Silva, who is aged 4 and is a … more

Poppy’s Plasticine Belle!

Look at this clever model of a Magic Belle, made by 4-year-old Poppy with some help from her mummy! Poppy got some Plasticine for her birthday, so she wanted … more

Lauren Belle

Nothing makes us jingle more than a big, beautiful smile like Lauren’s! Lauren has just had her 6th birthday and is the newest member of our Flutterbud Club. Hello … more

Rainbow Birds!

Wow! Look at this amazing bird! When Rainbow Belle first saw it, she thought it must have flown right through the middle of one of her rainbows before the … more

Addison Belle

Today we have a very special little friend joining our Flutterbud Club. Poor little Addison has been ever so poorly for the last few weeks with chicken pox. Even … more

Millie’s Colouring!

We always feel so lucky to get your lovely pictures! Did you know that Rainbow Belle hangs them in the gallery of her house, Pot of Gold Place? She … more

Flutterbud Friend: Tanya Belle!

Isn’t Tanya pretty? She’s our latest little Flutterbud friend and she’s wearing the flutterbuds of her favourite Magic Belle, Butterfly Belle! Tanya loves ballet and dancing around gracefully – swirling … more

Cupcake Fun!

It’s National Cupcake Week in the UK so, for a special treat, Cupcake Belle has looked through her secret recipe book and chosen five delicious cupcakes that she loves … more

Flutterbud Friend: Maya Belle

Twinkle, twinkle little Maya – we’re so happy to have you in our Flutterbud Club! Maya looks very sparkly and twinkly in Star Belle’s flutterbuds. Maya is 2 years … more