Flutters from: February 2012

Mini Rainbows!

As you all know, Rainbow Belle loves to fill your world with colour and she uses her enchanted paintbrush to paint bright and colourful rainbows across the skies. All … more

Glasswing Butterfly!

Thank you Auntie P for the lovely photo.This week’s special wonder is a magical little friend of Butterfly Belle‘s – it’s the glasswing butterfly. Glasswing butterflies are very special indeed, … more

Hanna’s Cupcake Belle

We love seeing your art – you’re all so talented! Just look at this beautiful picture of Cupcake Belle by Hanna, who is 6 years old and from Diss in … more

Beautiful Rainbow Art!

Happy day! Look at this clever Magic Belles picture from our lovely little friend Elissa! It has a big, bright rainbow for Rainbow Belle, and lots of funky foam … more

Indy’s Cupcake Belle Painting

What a super start to the weekend - our very special little friend Indy has sent us this lovely, colourful painting of Cupcake Belle from our printable pictures – … more

Valentine’s Day!

It may seem a little early, but this week’s Wednesday Wonder is dedicated to Valentine’s Day, which is next Tuesday! Valentine’s Day is Love Belle‘s favourite day of the … more

Spiral Stars

This week’s Wednesday Wonder is super-twinkly and very pretty – it’s something called a ‘spiral galaxy’ and Star Belle loves looking at these from her star-gazing room in Twinkle Towers. … more