Flutters from: October 2012

Spooky Star-Gazing

Late October isn’t just for trick or treating! If the skies are clear, then it’s the perfect time to do some spooky star-gazing, too. In fact, when Star Belle‘s … more

Tanya’s Delicious Cakes

Our little friend Tanya, who’s 6, sent in this picture of her amazing cupcake creations, which she thought Cupcake Belle might like to see! How yummy they look - … more

Magic Belles in Easy Peazy!

We’re absolutely delighted to tell you that we’re in this month’s Easy Peazy magazine again with a whole page dedicated to colouring in the Belles! Look out for issue … more

Magic Make: Polka Dot Marshmallows!

Not everything in Cupcake Belle‘s secret recipe book needs to be baked… sometimes she likes to make sweet treats that are quick and easy, and look pretty, too! Just … more

Amazing Moths!

Winter is coming, the nights are getting longer, and now’s the time to see more moths flying around. Not all moths fly at night – some prefer daylight – … more

New Super Story! Rainbow Belle

The Magic Belles love telling stories and this week they’re super-excited, as we’ve put Super Stories in its very own section on the site (see the yellow twinkly star … more

Petal Pictures!

It may be autumn, but Flower Belle is as busy as ever in the garden, making sure that the last of this year’s flowers are in full bloom and … more

Appy Little Girls!

We absolutely love getting your photos in to add to our Flutterbud Club! This week, we got two fab pics of two cute little belles having fun playing on … more