Spooky Star-Gazing

Magic Belles Halloween Star Party

Late October isn’t just for trick or treating! If the skies are clear, then it’s the perfect time to do some spooky star-gazing, too. In fact, when Star Belle‘s not dressed up in her cute witch costume, she’s in her dome at Twinkle Towers, looking at her favourite spooky stars!

This year, she’s decided her Halloween party is going to be a Star Party. The Magic Belles are going to get together and see how many fab constellations they can spot in the sky! Here’s what they’ll be looking out for:

Star Belle’s Halloween Costume

  • The Owl Cluster - a group of stars with two bright, sparkling ‘owl eyes’ and stars that look like wings! They’re in a constellation called Cassiopeia in the northern sky, which you can spot through binoculars or a small telescope.
  • The Seven Sisters - also called The Pleiades. Years and years ago, people believed that these bright stars were the doorway to another world! You can see them in the early evening as the moon is rising, if you look east - but only six of the seven stars are easy to see.
  • Jupiter - this planet shines so brightly that it looks like a star. At this time of year, a little later at night, you can see it twinkling on the left of the moon. It will get brighter and brighter until December, as it moves a bit closer to Earth.
  • An Almost Full Moon! The full moon was a few nights ago, but if you’re lucky and it’s a clear night with no clouds, you’ll get to see a big, bright almost full moon that will light up all the stars for you!

We hope this inspires you to have your own Halloween Star Party – and don’t forget to put on a fab costume! The Magic Belles have all dressed up for Halloween and are planning to have lots of fun! Why don’t you make sure your party is fun too, by printing off our new Halloween Costume Colouring-in pages? There’s one page for each Magic Belle! And be sure to email us a photo of your colouring, too! We love your art!

Happy Halloween all! Love and magic dust from the Magic Belles in Bellevue xxx

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