Rainbow Pictures!

We Love Colour!

Happy Wednesday friends and what a wonderful, colourful Wednesday it is!

Whatever the weather and no matter what colour the sky is - grey, blue, filled with golden sunshine or white snowflakes - you can bet that Rainbow Belle is fluttering somewhere close by trying to fill your world with lovely colours. See if you can spot her!

Maybe she’s painting a rainbow with her enchanted paintbrush, or perhaps she’s painting a special picture to brighten up someone’s day… she thinks colour makes everyone happy and so do we - that’s one of the reasons that Bellevue is such a colourful, cheerful place.

Today, Rainbow Belle would like to show you how to paint a rainbow in a magical Rainbow Tray. Make sure you have your Enchanted Paintbrush close by!

The Rainbow Tray

Make a Magical Rainbow Tray!

You need:

A tray
A sheet of white paper cut to fit inside the tray
Paints in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet
Big paintbrush, water pot and kitchen towel to dry brush
Plastic food bag
Salt, caster sugar or sand
Pink powder food colour (optional)
Enchanted Paintbrush!

Covered Up

  • Take your sheet of white paper and divide it into seven stripes using your pencil – this will be your guide for painting.
  • Take a clean plastic food bag and pour in enough salt, caster sugar or sand to cover the tray. If you want to colour the salt, pour in a little pink powder food colour, too.
  • Shake and scrunch the bag until the salt turns pink! (This is fun!)
  • Rainbow Heart

  • When the rainbow paper is dry, place it in the bottom of the tray and pour the pink salt over the top, so that the rainbow is completely covered.
  • Now take your Enchanted Paintbrush and start making pictures – or you can use your finger if you like! Just draw a picture in the salt and the rainbow colours will show through. When you’ve finished, take a photo, shake the tray and start again! You can use your Rainbow Tray over and over again!

Love Belle

Why not paint a rainbow, a bell or even a Magic Belle? See how many shapes and pretty patterns you can make - or why not write secret messages? It would make Rainbow Belle jingle with delight to see your Rainbow Tray art, so why not email us a photo, too?

Have a colourful week everyone! Lots of love, rainbows and magic dust from the Magic Belles in Bellevue. xxx

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