Flutters from: November 2012

Clever Crafty Butterflies

How lovely are these butterflies, sent in to us by our special Flutterbud Friends, Naima and Dalia? Butterfly Belle adores them! They almost look like our favourite Glasswing Butterflies … more

Snowy Butterflies

It may be too cold for butterflies now, but Butterfly Belle wants you to meet one of her butterfly friends – the Wood White. She loves these little white … more

Pretty Pom-Pom Flowers

Flower Belle was so pleased today to get this beautiful picture from our new Flutterbud Friend Tabitha, who’s aged 4 and from Devon. Inspired by our Flower Labels last … more

Brilliant Bulbs

The last of the autumn leaves are falling in Bellevue and every morning is a little more frosty – but that doesn’t stop Flower Belle, because now is the … more

Friendship Game

Love Belle loves getting together with the rest of the Magic Belles to make magic music and play games. It’s such fun to play and in Bellevue we play … more

Rainbow Pictures!

Happy Wednesday friends and what a wonderful, colourful Wednesday it is! Whatever the weather and no matter what colour the sky is - grey, blue, filled with golden sunshine … more