Flutters about: Printables

Love Belle’s Valentine’s Vouchers!

Do you want to give someone a special gift this Valentine’s Day? Do you know what is the best gift of all? Not flowers or chocolate or cupcakes or … more

Bright Butterflies!

Wouldn’t it be lovely to see some bright butterflies fluttering around your garden right now? But it’s winter and most of the colourful butterflies are hiding away! Don’t worry … more

Magic Make: Star Tree Topper!

We’re having so much in Bellevue, coming up with fab Christmas fairy crafts for you - we hope you like this one! It’s a printable tree topper for your … more

Brilliant Bulbs

The last of the autumn leaves are falling in Bellevue and every morning is a little more frosty – but that doesn’t stop Flower Belle, because now is the … more

Friendship Game

Love Belle loves getting together with the rest of the Magic Belles to make magic music and play games. It’s such fun to play and in Bellevue we play … more

Spooky Star-Gazing

Late October isn’t just for trick or treating! If the skies are clear, then it’s the perfect time to do some spooky star-gazing, too. In fact, when Star Belle‘s … more

Star Belle’s Autumn Star

Autumn is one of Star Belle‘s favourite times of the year! It’s when she uses her Magic Starlighter to light the Autumn Star. There aren’t many other stars around … more

Rose Petal Perfume!

As the end of summer draws near, the flowers in the garden are starting to fade and Flower Belle is working hard with her Special Watering Can and magic … more

Fashion Fun

As you all know, Rainbow Belle is Bellevue’s artiest little Belle. Not only does she paint rainbows in the sky with her Enchanted Paintbrush, she has her own little … more

Mini Colouring Fun!

The summer holidays are here and arty little Rainbow Belle has the perfect thing for long journeys or for when you just feel like having some colouring fun! She … more