See Inside Blossom Lodge!

Flower Belle

We’re super-excited to launch a new mini game on the site so you can peek inside Flower Belle‘s potting shed in her lovely home, Blossom Lodge!

She wants to grow some beautiful flowers, but she can’t remember where she put her tools and seeds. See if you can help her find them and get a lovely surprise at the end!

Did you know that you can play games inside most of the other Magic Belles’ homes, too? Can you help Cupcake Belle to bake cakes, Love Belle to play music, Rainbow Belle to do a beautiful painting and Butterfly Belle to do a lovely dance? We bet you can!

We hope you have great fun playing with the Magic Belles and get inspired by Flower Belle to plant some seeds of your own. Remember - flowers are a very special wonder! Happy playing from the Magic Belles in Bellevue xxx

Flower Belle’s Fab Potting Shed

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