Ribbon Flower Hairbands

Ribbon Flower Hairbands

Even when it’s too rainy to go out in the garden, you can still wear flowers in your hair, thanks to Flower Belle‘s lovely Ribbon Flower Hairbands. She’d love everyone to wear fairy flowers in their hair! They’re very easy to make and look so pretty – would you like to make one? Here’s how…

Make Flower Belle’s Ribbon Flower Hairband

You need:

Pink ribbons
Fabric glue
Pretty button
Fabric-covered hairband

    Ribbon Flowers Ideas

  • Cut four strips of ribbon, each 12cm long.
  • Fold both ends of each ribbon strip in so that they meet in the middle and make two loops.
  • Stick the folded ends in place with a dab of fabric glue.
  • Stick one loopy ribbon on top of another, gluing it in place with fabric glue.
  • Stick a third loopy ribbon on top and then a fourth, arranging them to look like a flower.
  • Use fabric glue to stick a pretty button to the centre of your loopy ribbon flower and put it to one side to dry.
  • When it’s dry, use a little more fabric glue to stick the whole flower to a fabric-covered headband.
  • If you like, you could stick two different ribbon flowers together – one plain and one patterned – before sticking them to the headband.

Wear your pretty Ribbon Flower Hairband in the garden and the butterflies will come and dance with you – and the flowers might join in, too! Flower Belle hopes you have fun making it. Why not make one for your best friend, too?

Send us a picture of you wearing your Ribbon Flower Hairband and we’ll post it here in our Flutterbud Club! Love and magic dust from your fairy friends – the Magic Belles in Bellevue xxx

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