Magic Make! Stargazing Journal

Star Belle’s Printable Mini Stargazing Journal

We love stargazing in Bellevue – and Star Belle‘s home Twinkle Towers is the perfect place to do it from!

To celebrate the second Astronomy Day of the year, Star Belle has made a wonderful Printable Mini Stargazing Journal for you!

Print it out and, over the next week, you can write, draw and colour what you see in the night sky! It gets dark pretty early during this time of year, so you’ll have plenty of time to look at the sky before bedtime.

Can you spot a shooting star?

Looking up at the stars is so magical. You could do it outside with a cosy blanket, or if it’s too cold, just look out of your window - but do make sure the lights are switched off! Learn about why keeping the lights off is important here.

We’d love to know what you see – and don’t forget to look out for Star Belle fluttering by, too! Happy star-gazing! With love from Star Belle and friends xxx

Parent note: Look at the night sky together and help your child to fill out their journal every night for a week. Try spotting some simple constellations together, too!

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