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Love Belle's Paper Plate Tambourine

Love Belle's Paper Plate Tambourine

You’ve probably noticed that the Magic Belles love music a lot – especially jingly music! Each Magic Belle has her own special jingle and when all six of them get together, they make a magical, musical symphony!

Love Belle probably loves music most of all, as she has her own pink heart-shaped guitar. Whenever she can, she plays it and sings pretty ditties to help spread love, cuddles and happiness around the world!

Nothing cheers you up like listening to happy music! Why not put on your favourite songs and jingle along with Love Belle’s fab Paper Plate Tambourine? Find out how below…

Make a Paper Plate Tambourine!

You need:

1 pink paper plate (or paint a white one pink!)
6 jingle bells (available from craft shops)
Hole punch
Coloured elastic or strong thread

  • Punch six holes around the edge of a paper plate.
  • Pass a short length of thread through the bottom of a bell and the hole in the plate.
  • Tie a knot at the back of the plate.
  • Do the same with the other five bells.
  • Trim off any excess thread and there you have it! Easy!

Now you have a colourful tambourine to dance around the house with! Why not add a pretty picture to the middle of the plate to make it extra-special?

Hope you have lots of jingly good fun! Lots of love from the Magic Belles xxx

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