Abi Belle

Abi Belle

Abi Belle

We’re delighted today to have another new little friend in our Flutterbud Club! Abi is 6 years old and her favourite Magic Belle is Butterfly Belle.

Abi loves clambering and climbing up her monkey bars – she’s perched on top of some in this photo. Maybe next time you can use your flutterbuds to flutter up there, Abi!

She did this wonderful colouring in at a Magic Belles party with her older sister, Maz. Isn’t it fantastic?

Butterfly Belle by Abi

Thank you so much for sending it in, Abi – have a flutterly lovely day! Love and magic dust from the Magic Belles in Bellevue! xxx

We’d love to see your Magic Belles colouring in, too! Email it in and we’ll send you a very special colouring gift to say thank you!

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