Flutters from: August 2011

Rainbow Cake!

How would you like to have this amazing cake from Cupcake Belle’s very own Secret Recipe Book at your next party? It’s her super-special Rainbow Cake! She made it … more

Amazing Rainbow!

Thank you to Hannah and Lia who sent us this photo of the most amazing rainbow! Rainbow Belle thinks it is wonderful. Hannah and Lia’s daddy took this photo … more

Flutterbud Friend: Maria Clara Belle

Yippee… another lovely new friend in our Flutterbud Club! Say hello to Maria Clara, who lives in Brazil! Maria Clara is wearing Butterfly Belle’s flutterbuds, because she loves to … more

Teddy Bears!

Sometimes, when you need a cuddle, only a teddy bear will do. Soft and cute, warm and furry, Love Belle thinks that every little girl and boy in the … more

Funky Flower Belle

How fab and colourful is this picture of Flower Belle? We love her bright pink hair! 4-year-old Jenna made it using our Colouring Fun page and she liked it … more

Wednesday Wonder: Sunflowers!

This week’s special wonder is one of the most cheerful flowers you’ll ever see – the super sunflower. One of Flower Belle’s very favourites! We love sunflowers here in … more

Flutterbud Friend: Lovely Lis Belle

We’re so excited to get this most beautiful picture of Lis, who is 4 and a half years old! She looks pretty as a picture in Love Belle’s flutterbuds! … more

Beautiful Blossom Lodge

How flutterly lovely is this colourful collage made by Tara, aged 5? It’s Blossom Lodge, where Flower Belle lives and clever Tara cut all the shapes out by herself … more

Wednesday Wonder: Waterfall Rainbow!

Did you know that rainbows don’t just appear in the sky, sometimes you can see them at the bottom of waterfalls, too? Perhaps they’re baby rainbows or maybe Rainbow … more

Flutterbud Friend: Sophia Belle

How cute is this pretty little poppet? Flutterly lovely Sophia is two and a half and her very favourite things are yummy strawberries, listening to music and dancing! So, … more