Flutters from: November 2011

Magic Make: Gingerbread Bells!

Hurrah! Cupcake Belle has come up with a real treat for you! Yes, she’s made Magic Belles Gingerbread Bells which double as Christmas decorations! Here’s how to make them… … more

Happy Birthday Nadia!

Over the weekend we got this flutterly lovely drawing of Love Belle and a message from one of our very special Flutterbud friends, Nadia: “Dear Magic Belles, can you … more

Our Gold Award!

A nice piece of news that we wanted to share with you… our Magic Belles website has won a Gold Website Award from Mumpreneur UK. We’re ever so pleased, … more

Flutterly Lovely Art!

We feel so lucky in Bellevue this week - our little Flutterbud friends keep sending in their beautiful art! We love this flutterly lovely picture by our special friend … more

Funky Caterpillars!

Thank you squeakychu for the lovely photo.This week’s special wonder is the cute caterpillar – one of Butterfly Belle’s most important friends because, without caterpillars, there would be no butterflies! … more

Pot Of Gold Place!

How lovely is this colouring-in by 6-year-old Taylor from Somerset? Taylor’s very favourite thing at school is painting and junk modelling. Last week, she went on a trip to … more

Happy Birthday Indy Belle!

Today’s lovely new member of our Flutterbud Club is very special indeed, because it’s her 4th birthday! Happy birthday Indy!!! Indy lives in lovely sunny Lanzarote and she loves … more

Magic Belles Dress Competition!

COMPETITION TIME… Win a Magic Belles dress! (And get it in time for Christmas!) Would you like to win a flutterly GORGEOUS Magic Belles dress for your little one? … more

Autumn Gardens!

Thank you sondyaustin for the lovely photo.Some of our little friends have been asking what Flower Belle gets up to in autumn and winter, when there aren’t so many … more

Flutterly Lovely Maddie

It’s another happy, jingly day in Bellevue because we have a new little member in our Flutterbud Club! Beautiful Maddie’s favourite Magic Belle is Rainbow Belle, because she thinks … more